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PT. Mulia Wahana Mandiri range of expertise offer more suitable and sustainable support for food and beverage industry. The strongest product line of Mulia Wahana Mandiri is specialty dairy products although we also have other food and beverages ingredients. Our dairy products come from Nedherland. Dutch dairy products is famous for its superior quality colour and taste. We're now employs many specialist to give the best service to our clients. Services include consultation, factory visit, on site joint experiment, problem solving, samples and best solution of raw material supply. We honoured to serve our reputable national and multinational customers continously for almost 15 years. β€œLet us be at your service, contact us, now !”

Founded in July 2000

PT. Mulia Wahana Mandiri, founded in july 2000, Indonesia Exclusive Distributor of grows from a very small trading company into today national company with import line and manufacturer sister company.

Delivering best product

PT. Mulia Wahana Mandiri focuses on delivering best products to clients by being an authorized sales representative from reputable National and International Manufacturer.

Indonesia Exclusive Distributor

We are exclusive distributor of Hyproca Dairy Product B.V - Netherland & Griffith Food - Thailand

Our Client

Goat Cheese Factories, Ice Cream Companies, Chocolate Companies, Milk Beverages Companies, Skin Care Companies, Health Food Companies, Various Food Companies (Bread, Cake, Snacks), Hotel Restaurant Cafe Products


Full Cream Goat Milk Powder, Skimmed Goat Milk Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate Powder Pure 60%, Goat Milk Lactose, Goat Butter & Goat Cream, Sheep Full Cream, Skimmed Milk, WPC Powder, Customized Milk Products

15 Year Experience

We honoured to serve our reputable national and multinational customers continously for almost 15 years.

When It Comes To Milk, We Are Simply The Best

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