Goat Milk Powder

CBM and Verla are parts of Hyproca Dairy Products B.V. Netherland is well know has amazing taste dairy products. Hyproca supply the international market from the Netherlands, the dairy centre of the world. From private label production of infant formula and contract manufacturing services to the sale of own brands. Hyproca serve consumer and commercial, also B2B industrial market markets. With more than 100 years experience in this market, Hyproca is the ideal cooperating partner for the production of your dairy ingredients.

∙ Full Cream Cow Milk Powder
∙ Skim Cow Milk Powder
∙ CBM (goat and sheep dairy products)
∙ Verla (organic cow dairy products)
∙ Customized products

Goat milk powder is the core business of Hyproca Dairy Products B.V.. The goat milk powder is provided under the brand CBM. Hyproca Dairy Products B.V. is the global market leader in the development, marketing and production of products based on goat milk for the business‐to‐business market. Mulia wahana Mandiri has been in Goat Milk Business from 2012 and appointed as exclusive distributor at 2014.
CBM is Natural 100% pure not containing harmful hormone, antibiotic and radiation it has has so many certification such as COKZ, HACCP, Halal control Europe, KLBDD, SKAL bio controle and BRC Mulia Wahana Mandiri will make sure local stock always available, we even can provide ISO 22000, MUI and BPOM MD legal letter for smaller packaging. Goat milk mainly used in health food and beverage industry, CBM Goat Milk is Dutch Saanen’s Goat Milk Powder. Saanen goat milk has amazing benefit for long life, ageless secret, health and beauty. It also has the best taste and aroma in the world. Dutch goat milk is famous for its superior quality, colour and taste. Goat milk powder is uncommon in Indonesia for food and beverage Industry, little know that in Europe, goat milk has more superior in taste for food and beverage products compare to cow milk, and it has a great taste synergy with chocolate. Some European chocolate manufacturer has switch to goat milk for better health image and greater taste. Goat milk also has a good reputation as health and healthier choise life style. Our experience prove that usage as low as 20% of cow milk result creamier and richer end product taste. Sample and join research is available contact us for new luxury experience.

CBM Products
1.Goat Cheese Factories
2.Ice Cream Companies
3.Chocolate Companies
4.Milk Beverages Companies
5.Skin Care Companies
6.Health Food Companies
7.Various Food Companies (Bread, Cake, Snacks)

1. Full Cream Goat Milk Powder
2. Skimmed Goat Milk Powder
3. Whey Protein Concentrate Powder Pure 60%
4. Goat Milk Lactose
5. Goat Butter & Goat Cream
6. Sheep Full Cream, Skimmed Milk, WPC Powder
7. Customized Milk Products